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And now the work begins for Polynesian Airlines to hit the ground running with the delivery of her first Boeing 737 to jump start Samoa Airways, the new rebranded national carrier’s return to international services.
Polynesian Airlines Board Chairman Feesago Siaosi Fepuleai during a pre-arrival press conference is mindful of the challenges that lie ahead for the Samoa Airways.
“In a matter of five months after government decided for Samoa to own her own airline, we have delivered as expected,” said Feesago. “It is a huge ask but the arrival of the
Samoa Airways first aircraft today speaks volumes of what we can accomplish and Polynesian Airlines will power to achieve.”

“Samoa Airways is funded entirely from Polynesian Airlines coffers and it is not cheap. Nonetheless, we are committed to our cause and we are determined for Samoa Airways to be successful for the sake our country, our people and our Samoan pride.”
Simply put, the fate of Samoa Airways is in the hands of Polynesian Airlines.
Leased to Polynesian Airlines on a temporary wet lease, Feesago says that 20 air hostess have been selected and undergoing training for Samoa Airways to resort to a dry lease in 6 months.

On hand to welcome the arrival of the aircraft, Airlines Minister Lautafi Fio Lautafi Purcell commended Polynesian Airlines Board, management and staff for their diligence.
He says that Samoa Airways will be taking the slow and sure route to ensure her sustainability. And with enough resources, more aircrafts will be added to the fleet to cater for Samoa Airways to expand to other destinations.

The official christening of the aircraft is scheduled for Monday with her maiden voyage to Auckland Tuesday morning.

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