The work of the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet derives from the following:

    • Head of State Act 1965
    • Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa Act 1960
    • Immigration Act 2004
    • Passport Act 2008
    • Citizenship Act 2004
    • Honors and Awards Act 1999
    • Realignment Act 2000
    • Public Service Commission Act 2004
    • Public Service Amendment Regulations 2003
    • Public Finance Management Act 2001
    • Ministerial Departmental Arrangement Act 2003
    • Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2012 – 2016

It shall be noted however that the absence of an established legal foundation specifically designed to cover the diversity of functions delivered by the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet enforces the concept and perceptions of the legal freedom vested by the Prime Minister and Cabinet to facilitate policies and decisions for sustainable growth and management in the development of Samoa.