[heading_2 type=”divider”]Constitutional Authorities[/heading_2][space px=”1″]

mini-gov-logo Office of the Attorney General

[subheading_5]The Attorney General’s legal duties and responsibilities are as follows:
i. Principal Legal Adviser to the Head of State, Cabinet and the Prime Minister;
ii. Responsible for all civil proceedings involving Government
iii. Responsible for criminal proceedings;
iv. Protector of the Judiciary;
v. Drafting legislation;
vi. Common law protector of charitable trusts.
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mini-gov-logo Audit Office

[subheading_5]This online service was developed and maintained to provide all SAO key stakeholders with all necessary information and services at anytime from anywhere. …Visit Website[/subheading_5][divider_arrow]

mini-gov-logo The Department Of The Legislative Assembly

[subheading_5]The function of the department is to provide Parliament and its members with quality and timely support in the Operation of Parliament and the Legislative Assembly as prescribed by Law and Standing Orders of Parliament. …Visit Website[/subheading_5][divider_arrow]

mini-gov-logo Public Service Commission

[subheading_5]The Commission is proud of its service and reputation as being the central agency for HR Management and HR Professional Development in the Public Service. The Commission takes much pride in the professional approach, commitment and skills of its staff. We continue to combine these values with the traditional Samoan values to compliment the standard values for all Public Servants. …Visit Website[/subheading_5][divider_arrow]

mini-gov-logo Ombudsman Office

[subheading_5]The Ombudsman is a statutory officer appointed by Parliament to investigate complaints against Government Departments and other official agencies. He is entirely independent of the government of the day. …Visit Website[/subheading_5][divider_arrow]

mini-gov-logo Office of the Electoral Commissioner

[subheading_5] Vision: Samoa’s electoral system is embraced by the people and its processes easily understood, trusted and accepted.
Mission: To enhance Samoa’s system of government through the efficient and effective execution of its electoral system and processes, and by the provision of effective electoral services to enable people to exercise their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution. …Visit Website[/subheading_5][divider_arrow]