Government Ministries

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) is the principal organization which provides regulatory and technical advice, training, and support for subsistence …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour

Your online front door to Samoa government services on companies, investment, industrial relations, labour market information, intellectual property rights, consumer …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

The MCIT facilitates, leads and implements the Government of Samoa’s vision for Communications development …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture

The MESC Website portal provides information to the general public, to everybody involved in the Samoan Education System and to all stakeholders in sports and the cultural …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry is responsible for the administration of Government’s business with foreign countries and their governments as well as international organizations. It also endeavors to initiate and continue to provide high quality and professional policy advice …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Finance

The mandated functions of the Ministry of Finance can be summarized as to provide policy and strategic advice, as well as financial services to the Government in order to achieve sustainable, long-term economic outcomes and fiscal viability …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Vision:
Excellent in regulating the health sector and provision of articulate and appropriate health promotion and prevention services for …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration

The website provides complete information about our processes, services, service standards, and structure.
Vision: Justice for a Safe Samoa
Mission – To provide quality service for a prosperous and safe Samoa …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Meteorology has begun national initiatives to combat the propagation of hazardous waste chemicals as well as potentially hazardous substances in Samoa …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry for Revenue

The Ministry is the key state organization operational at the frontiers and its main functions center around revenue collection and enforcing Customs and Inland Revenue laws and other related rules and regulations. In the process the Ministry endeavours to ensure smooth movement of people and goods across the border and collect the correct revenue due to the state …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Police and Prisons

The vision of the Ministry of Police and Prisons is: “To be a leader in policing”
“Ia avea ma ta’imua i auaunaga lautele” This is the desired destination the Ministry wishes to be at the end. It is where the Ministry …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development

The Ministry remains focused in its commitment and overall performance for the achievement of community and social development outcomes,as clearly underscored in Government’s national & sectoral strategic priorities …Visit Website

mini-gov-logo Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure

The MWTI to be internationally recognized as a regional leader in benchmarking safety and security of transport and infrastructure regimes
Vision: The MWTI to be internationally recognized as a regional leader in benchmarking safety and security of transport and infrastructure regimes.
Mission: To promote, regulate and monitor transport and infrastructure legislations and policies to ensure safe, secure and viable transportation modes and infrastructure assets in Samoa. …Visit Website