Transnational Crime Units in the Pacific were established from the Pacific Transnational Crime Team Network (PTCN) in 2002 with the support from the Australian Government after September 11, to counter transnational crimes in the Pacific when Pacific Governments recognized the changing nature of crimes and the increased impact of transnational crimes such as drugs/arms trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, human smuggling and people trafficking etc. in the Pacific Region.

TCU ia a multi Agencies Unit involving Police, Customs and Immigration Officers. Samoa TCU was officially opened in March 2003 with:


  • To ensure the safety of Samoa using high level local and global intelligence network to detect and prevent transnational criminal activities.

Core activities of the TCU include the following:

  • undertaking intelligence led investigations and pro-active issue-specific target development projects relating to transnational crime
  • producing high quality tactical law enforcement intelligence
  • researching projects of a national significance to determine current and future threat trends
  • analyzing information in relation to transnational crime and border protection issues to produce assessment reports and briefings
  • developing relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders and clients and implementing a comprehensive training plan for the TCU
  • Refer to MPMC Corporate Plan 2010 – 2013, Page 48 -50 for details of Division’s Objectives

[space px=”8″][one_half] STAFFING
Team Leader
Herbert Aati

[one_half_last] CONTACT DETAILS
Level 5, Government Building FMFMII

Email: herbert.aati@police.gov.ws
Phone: 31523 and 31524
Facsimile: 685-31525[/one_half_last]