The Policy Implementation and Monitoring Unit (PIMU) was formulated as a separate entity within MPMC in 2006. It succeeded the Policy Coordination Unit (PCU) which had been a section of the Corporate Services Division of the Ministry, with identical responsibilities. PIMU was established with greater emphasis on strengthening policy coordination role of MPMC.


  • Provide quality advice to Cabinet on policy options that take account of whole-of-society interests.
  • Monitor the implementation of Cabinet decisions on major policy issues.
  • Direct/conduct research on major policy issues as directed by Cabinet from time to time.
  • Affiliate in, monitor and advise on government led initiatives.

[space px=”8″][one_half] STAFFING

Principal Analyst (Fiscal/Economy)
Karanita Mavaega
Phone: 22132

[one_half_last] CONTACT DETAILS

Level 3, Government Building FMFMII

Email: karanita.mavaeao@mpmc.gov.ws
Phone: 23205, 22132 or 63222
Facsimile: 22243[/one_half_last]