• To support the Ministry by providing strategic corporate services such as management of financial operations, budgeting and reporting, revenue collection, payment processing, assets and records management and human resource development services that are critical to the Ministry’s success in achieving its goals and objectives.
  • The core activities are carried out in four relative sections as in the financial management and reporting, Human Resource Management (HRM), asset and records administration
  • Refer to Corporate Plan 2014-2017 for details of Division’s Objectives

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ACEO Corporate Services
Sarona Filemu-Wong


Level 3, Government Building FMFMII

Email ACEO:
Phone: 22922 and 27412 or 63222
Facsimile: 21339

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  • Coordinate the scheme on behalf of the Government of Samoa.
  • Communicate with the RSE units and RSE employers.
  • Facilitate Processing (RSE Permit & Flight Bookings) for local recruitment.
  • Conduct Predeparture Orientations for all RSE Samoan workers before departing. (Participant – SWAT & NZ Immigration representatives)
  • Facilitate all RSE employers requirements.
  • Liaise with government representative in NZ on all issues concerning RSE Samoan workers.
  • Collaborate with the NZ Immigration regarding matters on RSE permits.
  • Hosting of Companies that travel to Samoa is undertaken by SWAT.

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Vaatu’itu’i Apete Meredith

  • The Trade Commissioner from the Samoa Consulate General’s Office in Auckland has provided invaluable support for the RSE Scheme by monitoring workers arrival, duration of stay and departure from NZ.
  • Vaatu’itu’i has also been tasked with ensuring that pastoral care for workers is according to standard, and that Samoan workers are represented at any work-related meetings.
  • Rigorous marketing by Vaatu’itu’i has allowed for more awareness of Samoa by the Companies informing of all three methods for recruitment.

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Currently there are three ways of recruiting workers available to employers under R.S.E. They are:

  • Through Government
    1. Our Ministry has a work-ready pool of workers set up for Companies that may be interested in recruiting workers but do not have pre-establishment relationships with villages/communities here in Samoa.
  • Through Direct Recruitment
    1. Companies may choose for themselves to come to Samoa and undertake interviews with interested workers.
  • Through Agents
    1. A company may already have workers for them that they select to come to Samoa to recruit from their own village;
    2. A company may already have a pre-establishment relationship with a particular church pastor, community leader or contact persons whom they trust to recruit suitable workers for them
    3. This approach is currently the most used approach.

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Head of RSE

Head of SWAT Unit

RSE Officers

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Level 3, Government Building

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Phone: 26321 and 63222
Facsimile: 21339[/one_half_last]


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